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Mental Health Month

I know this is off schedule on a Friday, but since my goal with this blog is to raise awareness of mental illness, to support others dealing with it, and to kick stigma in the face, I really can’t go without mentioning it.

You know what I think?

My illness does not define me.  It’s part of me, it always will be, but it is not the boss o’me!  And yours isn’t either.  I’m gonna fight and I’m gonna laugh, and I’m gonna spell words wrong because it’s funny to me.

I added a frame to my personal Facebook profile picture.  I thought about changing the photo to something a little bit less…disturbing.  But I did not because the picture is funny, and that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to flip my bird at bipolar and live my life the way I do.


mental health month
I will make myself look ridiculous for the funny.  Heck, I’ll hurt myself slightly for some quality slapstick.


Do you know how strong you are because you got out of bed this morning?  Because you face each day the best you can and you keep going and you find beauty and laugh because there are goats?  (That may just be me.)

You are a warrior, a lion, a superhero, whatever image speaks to you.

I am going to continue to laugh at pretty much everything, talk to people in my real life, and write this blog, it helps me and I hope others find something they can use here too.

Anyway, that’s about it. Be strong and when you feel overwhelmed, please seek help.

I’m listing some links for you from Mental Health America and NAMI where you can find information, resources, banners, and frames if you are comfortable using them.

Remember –

Hiding is exhausting, fear is debilitating, and shame is just plain bullshit.