Nightmares and Laughter

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I’m glad you’re here!

This blog is primarily about living with mental illness.  I write about my struggles with bipolar disorder, the everyday joy, pain, and peeks into my life, an always unflinchingly honest look at the struggles and victories from my experience.

I also write about goats because they are funny.

***Please note that I am not a doctor. Do not try to diagnose yourself based on anything you see online.  If you are concerned about your health, get help from a professional.***

 I want to be an advocate of sorts for people suffering in silence.  I want all of us to remember that the diagnosis is not the end, it just makes us stronger.

Like many others, I deal with adversity and pain with humor.  This is frequently fairly dark and self-mocking. If this sort of thing is new for you, the article on Gallows Humor may be helpful.

Gallows Humor Explained

Here’s a picture of a goat because goats are hilarious.

blep goat


Because life is both, often at the same time.

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